going on a date with Ashley!

I am going to go take a shower and get ready for the Play we are going to watch, i am very excited. i really enjoy plays/musicals.. the few that ive seen that is... welp, gotta get going gonna eat too i think :)

(love you ashley!)

The Wiikend has Started

I am on my way to drop off paul to sit and wait for the Wii on the first shift of our adventure. This is crazy.. people allready lined up and waiting.. so now we have to be crazy, just because other people were crazy! O well, i want my Wii. and for some reason an extra week to wait would be just way to insanely long.. so lets do this

Wii out
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In class

I am in class listening to some classical gas, ignoring my teacher because he is full of shit. I think i have had about enough of my art teacher, all he does it talk, talk. he never does anything but that. he talks about how he doesnt talk. says he talks about 45 mins in the 4 credit hours i have, but no..in the 2 and a half hour clas (2 times a week) he talks about 2+ hours of that time, and if he isnt talking he has some shitty musical that makes your muscles tense up at just the sound of it. yeah.. conductive learning environment,, id probably rather listen to screaming music.. at least id move faster.
o well
ive been so busy this semester and never find time, to write an update, i always say.. i should update LJ.. but never do, i end up playing Banjo Kazooie or something instead. Other than being really busy i have been having a good semester, i am getting a lot of my art work "out" Paul and I are doing the weekly comic in the paper "Baditude" http://baditudecomic.livejournal.com/ and it has a sense of accomplishment everytime i see it in the school paper, hopefully people are enjoying it. It is based off of Paul and I, our conversations,
paul does the writing and i draw it out, paul usually also does the pre-sketch to show his idea of it, and i go from there, sometimes coloring. Coloring it really depends how much time i have or if i am stressed out or not.
I also have been making posters for the Students Art Gallery SAG for short.. yeah whats that make you think of.. saggy BOOBS!.. or the screen actors guild.. we tried changing it but.. guess we couldnt . something about idenity.. i have been designing the posters for that and i have had good responses, from teachers and students alike which is really nice to hear some good feedback..
liveing with Ashley, Paul and I has been working out very well i think, other than staying up too late. everyone is pushing their own wieght, and that is good to see. sure there are a few things poeple disagree upon, but that is bound to happen with such varying backgrounds of being raised schooling etc... i dont think i would be the easiest person to get along with anyhow, kinda an odd background, Amish/Jewish/Christian + random parts of other religion.. homeschooled/amish schooled , makes for an interesting thing (me)
im glad i have Ashley and Paul to hang out with all the time, its awesome, thanks for being their

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Swimming In Ice

Ashley, Paul and I went swimming today in lake superior, it was very very cold. we swam out to the big rocks about half a mile out and yeah... cold but yeah.. it warmed up.. and now i dont feel like writing.. it was fun yay.. warmed up after i was in for awhile... yes.. repeating myself now.. yeah..


Well i am currently on my lunch break over at Ben's, i work for my oldest brother... just chillaxing and just got off the phone with Ashley. She is coming up Sunday and we were hoping we could go to Traverse city along with Jake, my second to oldest brother. he was thinking about going sunday, but ashley would get there too late... so i was hopeing he would be able to switch the sunday date to a later one, such as Tuesday. That would be grand. I hanvt been to Traverse city in a good while.. and i have never been there with Ashley. so it would be neat to go..

well gotta run.. cant wait to see ashley...... it sucks being 2 hours away and having such busy skeduales/.....
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I am currently staying at the comfort inn in lexitonton kentucky, bit tired from traveling back from my brothers. It was a good visit, always nice to see my brother (jake). He was telling my about the different military forces over in iraq, they sounded really interesting. He said that the swedish military is half male half female which i thought was pretty cool, guess they got around to equality a bit faster than america. Found out today that a friend of mine Stephanie is going to get married Saturday, that is crazy to think about that, she is the same age as me or younger and getting married, for me that is pretty early. but yeah, i want to marry Ashley, just not right now :)
well i am tired and im gona go relax in the pool or maybe there is a hot tub! damn i wish ashley was there to share a hot tub.. if there was one there.. maybe there is.. i can dream cant i?
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Weeks Apart

I am at my brother Jake's visiting him after his second return from Iraq. It is awesome to see him, and the only bad part about it, a very bad one, is i dont get to see my girlfriend Ashley, and i really miss her. By the time i get back from visiting my brother and finish my week of work it will be three weeks that we will have been apart. Three weeks too long if you ask me! On the 13th it will be hour 1 year one month, or 13th month anniversery, which we are celibrating instead of our 1 year anniversery, so I have to come up with a very special give that means a lot. In my mind everything I think of just doesnt mean enough to give her. Ashley means a lot to me and it is hard to think of things that would be good for her, something lasting, something to remember, something with meaning, and heart behind it. Wish me luck on coming up with a good gift!
Untill than wish me luck driving 16 hours back home to the state of Michigan. On my way here i drove 700+ miles... my neck really cramped up! The journey back should seem shorter, in my more recent memory.
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just a quick update

i am currently in georgia, which is cool, but i miss Ashley. it would have been awesome if she could have came with me, but she has work and i understand that. its pretty nice down here probably gonnna go swimming tomorrow that will be fun.. i could have went today.. but it seemed too soon after i had taken a shower to justify swimming and than smelling like pool, and being too lazy to take ANOTHER! shower... but yeah.. ramble ramble, i really wanted to just stop by ashleys and steal her away while she was sleeping but i guess she probably would have noticed :(

P.S. i love my gf Ashley!


Ashley and I went to Royal Oak to visit Pual. Paul took us to see X-men III. i was thinking it wasnt going to be very good with the new director, but in the end i thought it was awesome. much more graphic than the other 2, which i thought was very welcome. although i felt bad for ashley because she didnt like the graphicness of it.. all in all it was a good time and it was good to see paul again, i woulda wanted to see ryan but paul and i were sick so thought that wouldnt be the best...
I am currently at Ashleys house.. her the AC broke.. so it is pretty much sweltering, but that is ok. i get to see my sweet girlfriend hope she comes home soon.